Harmony in Opulence: Discover Newport Beach's $68 Million Waterfront Retreat

Lisa Mailhot  |  January 23, 2024


Harmony in Opulence: Discover Newport Beach's $68 Million Waterfront Retreat


In the heart of Newport Beach, a symphony of opulence unfolds in the form of a newly listed $68 million waterfront retreat. This architectural masterpiece, curated by the brilliance of Paul McClean and Gallo Builders, beckons those who seek the pinnacle of coastal luxury.

Architectural Poetry

Elegance meets innovation as the Lasa slab and architectural rain glass embrace a 12,749-square-foot canvas on the Balboa Peninsula. An actual work of art, this residence is an ode to architectural prowess.

Luxurious Symphony

Step inside to a world where luxury takes center stage. Six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a 3,700-square-foot rooftop deck adorned with a retractable C-Seed 144-inch TV screen await. An al fresco oasis, complete with a Kalamazoo barbecue kitchen and full audio setup, provides an ideal setting for entertaining.

Designer's Touch

Internationally acclaimed interior designer Lynda Murray leaves her mark with kitchens boasting Miele, SubZero, and Liebherr appliances. Poliform cabinets, Antolini porcelain countertops, and Dornbracht plumbing fixtures elevate the art of living.

Entertainment Wonderland

Indulge in the cinematic allure of the home theater, embrace the thrill of the virtual reality racing room, or rejuvenate in the gym fitted with Pavi Gym rubber floors and Rogue fitness equipment. A temperature-controlled wine wall and a massage room with towel-warming drawers complete the ensemble.

Seamless Retreat

Open the doors to a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. The backyard unfolds as a private paradise with a 26-foot Kalamazoo barbecue kitchen, a large fire pit, and a pool overlooking docks for multiple yachts.

Market Elegance

This creation replaces a 1930s Spanish-style home and is a testament to evolving tastes. Josh and Heather Altman of Douglas Elliman Real Estate present an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of Orange County's luxury living.


Harmony and opulence intertwine in this $68 million waterfront retreat. Your dream residence awaits, where coastal elegance meets the warmth of a home. Whether you seek serene sunsets, vibrant communities, or unmatched opulence, Orange County welcomes you. 

Let's connect and unlock the doors to your bespoke Orange County lifestyle—a blend of comfort, prestige, and the unmistakable charm that defines coastal living.




"New waterfront Newport Beach home for $68 million pitched as ‘epitome of opulence’" by Sandra Barrera, Published on January 22, 2024.

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