Top 10 Steps to Maximize Your Home's Selling Price

Lisa Mailhot  |  November 8, 2023


Top 10 Steps to Maximize Your Home's Selling Price

Are you looking to sell your beloved home and want to get top dollar for it? It's time to shift your perspective and start thinking of it as a house rather than a home. Emotionally detaching from your property is the first step towards successfully selling it. To help you achieve the highest possible selling price, we've compiled a comprehensive list of 10 steps that will transform your house into an irresistible gem for potential buyers.

1. Un-clutter Your Home

Before showcasing your home to potential buyers, start by decluttering every room. Begin in the basement and either dispose of unnecessary items or rent an off-site locker to store them temporarily. Prospective buyers want to see your house, not your belongings.

2. Neutralize the Personal Touch

While you may cherish the unique décor and personal mementos in your home, it's best to pack them away until after the sale. Replace personal items with neutral décor like picture frames and simple arrangements to appeal to a wider audience.

3. Minor Cosmetic Work

Clearing the clutter will reveal areas that need attention. Consider minor cosmetic improvements such as painting, repairing moldings, fixing cracked plaster, and re-taping or repairing drywall. Opt for neutral colors for paint and carpets, and refinish hardwood floors if needed.

4. Hire Professional Cleaners

After decluttering and making cosmetic improvements, hire a professional cleaning crew to make your house sparkle. Clean walls, windows, kitchen, and bathrooms thoroughly, and shampoo carpets that don't require replacement.



5. Stage Each Room

Arrange furniture to make rooms appear more spacious, especially if they are on the smaller side. Create inviting conversation pit-style seating, and remove excessive wall clutter. The goal is to make every room look welcoming.

6. Focus on Kitchen and Bathrooms

These rooms are crucial to potential buyers. Ensure plumbing fixtures are in excellent working condition and look like new. Showers, tubs, sinks, and vanities should be spotless and uncluttered.

7. Doors and Windows

Make a good first impression by ensuring your doors are well-painted and in working order. The same goes for windows – clean them and ensure they open smoothly. Replace or restore any that are painted shut.

8. Organize Garages and Workshops

Clear clutter from your garage and make it accessible for parking. Organize your workshop to showcase its potential to handy buyers. The idea is for prospects to visualize themselves using these spaces.

9. Family Effort

Involve the whole family in maintaining the appearance of the house. Encourage kids to keep their rooms tidy and contribute to the overall presentation.

10. Tackle Odors and Pets

Pets are dear to you, but not everyone shares the same sentiment. Keep pet areas clean and odor-free. Limit their access to certain areas of the house during showings and use air fresheners strategically.


While these steps may seem like a lot of work, remember that they can significantly increase the sale price of your home by several thousand dollars or more. Investing some elbow grease now will pay off when you secure a higher selling price for your property. So, roll up your sleeves and get your house ready to impress potential buyers. Your efforts will be rewarded in the end.


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