A Beginner's Guide to Building Wealth and Financial Wellness

Lisa Mailhot  |  April 10, 2024


A Beginner's Guide to Building Wealth and Financial Wellness


Learning about finances is a critical life skill that empowers everyone, regardless of background. Tiffany Aliche, known as The Budgetnista, highlights the importance of starting your financial journey by shedding shame and seeking specific guidance to achieve your money goals.

Step 1: Shedding Shame

To begin your financial wellness journey, it's crucial to release any shame or embarrassment about your current financial situation. Feeling inadequate won't solve problems; instead, it hinders progress. As Aliche advises, "Shame shields solutions." Talk openly about your concerns with a trusted friend or family member to realize that you're not alone in facing financial challenges.

Step 2: Asking for Specific Help

Identify your financial struggles to seek tailored assistance. Whether it's managing debt, increasing savings, or breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, pinpoint your precise needs. Aliche emphasizes the importance of defining your goals clearly, like ensuring financial security for your family or navigating windfalls wisely.


Step 3: Focusing on Control

Take action by focusing on areas within your control. Start with manageable changes, such as reducing discretionary expenses, to gain momentum. Although big financial goals take time, initiating small steps today is crucial. "Starting is critical to movement," says Aliche. Break down daunting goals into actionable daily tasks.


Empower yourself to build wealth, save more, and get out of debt by taking these three fundamental steps. Starting your financial journey is the key to unlocking long-term prosperity. If you're ready to make moves in Orange County, let's connect!


Reference: Kamaron McNair, "Set Yourself Up for Financial Success in 3 Simple Steps: Why Starting Is Critical," CNBC, April 9, 2024, https://www.cnbc.com/2024/04/09/set-yourself-up-for-financial-success-in-3-simple-steps.html.

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