Anna Paquin's Venice Home Sees Another Price Cut to $7M: A Look Inside

Lisa Mailhot  |  July 10, 2024


Anna Paquin's Venice Home Sees Another Price Cut to $7M: A Look Inside


Celebrity Home on the Market Again Anna Paquin, famed for her roles in “True Blood” and as an Oscar-winning actress, has once again reduced the price of her stunning Venice, CA home—this time to a tempting $7 million. Originally listed at $14 million in 2020, this property reflects significant markdowns, making it an intriguing prospect for potential buyers.

A Closer Look at the Property Built-in 2017 and designed by renowned sustainable-design architect David Hertz, Paquin’s home is a masterclass in eco-friendly luxury. The double-lot dwelling spans 7,342 square feet and features rustic charm with modern amenities.

Eco-Friendly Design and Luxurious Layout The residence is notable for its commitment to environmental sustainability, highlighted by reclaimed teak flooring and repurposed cedar wood sourced from the original Hollywood Bowl benches. The home includes two kitchens and dual dining areas across different levels, facilitating grand entertaining and private moments alike.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Perfected Paquin’s home exemplifies the Southern California lifestyle with its seamless indoor-outdoor living. Large doors open to a lush, grassy backyard, while a roof deck offers breathtaking ocean views beneath a spacious pergola. The integration of skylights and expansive windows throughout invites an abundance of natural light, enhancing the airy and open feel of the interior spaces.

Luxury Amenities for Comfort and Relaxation This home doesn’t just impress with its aesthetics but also with its range of high-end amenities. Residents can enjoy a private pool, spa, and a Zen garden for ultimate relaxation. The property also includes a sauna, fitness room, a cozy fireplace in one of the bedrooms, and a soaking tub with scenic views. Additional features include a walk-in closet in another bedroom and a detached guesthouse.

Celebrity Pedigree and Cultural Touch Paquin’s success in Hollywood—from her early Oscar win to her roles in major TV series and films—adds a layer of prestige to the home. Her career achievements mirror the home’s blend of style and substance. 


A Rare Opportunity in Venice With its latest price reduction to $7 million, Anna Paquin’s home offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of celebrity real estate that doesn’t sacrifice style for sustainability. If you're looking to make a move to a vibrant and iconic Southern California community, this might just be your chance. Let's connect and explore how this exquisite property can be your new dream home.


Reference: Jennifer Kelly Geddes,, July 1, 2024


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