Discovering Water Efficiency: A Homebuyer's Guide

Lisa Mailhot  |  January 18, 2024


Discovering Water Efficiency: A Homebuyer's Guide


Water is a finite resource, and with droughts becoming more prevalent, it's crucial to consider water efficiency in your home. This guide reveals vital insights on water wastage, areas where improvements can be made, and what to look for in a water-efficient home. Whether you're buying, selling, or aiming to enhance your living space, these tips will save water and contribute to a sustainable future.

What to Look for in a Water-Efficient Home

Water is a precious resource, and as droughts become increasingly common, evaluating your home's water efficiency is essential. Every extra drop you use contributes to the strain on your local water resources. With more than 50% of the United States facing some drought, it's time to rethink how we manage water in our homes.

Where We Waste the Most Water

The bathroom tends to be the primary culprit for water wastage, with daily routines like long showers and consistently flushing toilets contributing significantly. Emily Martis, a product manager at Moen, suggests that monitoring your home's water usage can lead to valuable insights. This is especially crucial if you're considering selling your home in a drought-prone area, as it can help identify areas for improvement.


What to Look for In Water-Efficient Homes

If you're in the market for a water-efficient home, looking beyond just the bathroom is essential. Real estate agent Neil Brooks recommends focusing on the property's inside and outside. Look for features such as hot water recirculating systems, water-saving appliances, dual flush toilets, drip irrigation systems, and pools with covers. Avoid water-intensive systems like water softeners and reverse osmosis, and consider a comprehensive home inspection for a clearer picture.

Grass and Landscaping: A Crucial Element

While the initial thought might be to remove grass and plants for water efficiency, Kody Ketterling, a landscape expert, advises against it—plants and grass act as natural coolants to the soil, preventing excessive heat and evaporation. Efficient sprinkler usage, smart controllers, and mowing lawns at a higher height are practical strategies to maintain a green yard while conserving water.

Is it Worth Investing In a Water-Efficient Home?

Investing in a water-efficient home is not just about sustainability; it can significantly impact your property's value, especially in drought-prone areas. Neil Brooks emphasizes the importance of being connected to a municipal water source, highlighting the challenges homes face relying on private wells. Smart tools like leak detectors add an extra layer of protection, ensuring water is used efficiently and preventing damage.


Water-efficient living is not only about environmental responsibility but also a smart investment for the future. Whether you're buying or selling in Orange County, consider these water-saving tips for a more sustainable lifestyle. Let's connect and make your move a step towards a water-efficient and eco-friendly home. Let's connect for a sustainable move. 


Reference: "What to Look for in a Water-Efficient Home" by Kristi Waterworth, Published on Jan. 17, 2024 in USNews. 

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