Rising Inversion: Illuminating the Intersection of Art & Nature in Laguna Beach

Lisa Mailhot  |  November 6, 2023


Rising Inversion: Illuminating the Intersection of Art & Nature in Laguna Beach

In the realm of real estate, the adage remains steadfast: "Location, location, location." However, within the captivating intersection of art and nature, it's often the most surprising setting that serves as the ideal canvas for awe-inspiring masterpieces. A striking example of this phenomenon unfolded in the heart of Laguna Beach, where a massive semicircular structure, "Rising Inversion," captured the attention and admiration of both locals and visitors alike.

This monumental sculpture, created by the talented artist Cristopher Cichocki, was the star of the 11th annual Art & Nature program presented by the Laguna Art Museum. Placed strategically at Main Beach, just north of the boardwalk, it immediately drew the attention of passersby, even in the broad daylight.

The sculpture, standing at a towering 12 feet tall and stretching 40 feet in length, dominated its location in front of a picturesque hillside overlooking the ocean. Its unique design, with a depth ranging from 5 feet in the center to 1 foot at its edges, gave it a mesmerizing spherical appearance.

But what truly sets "Rising Inversion" apart is its luminescent quality. Cichocki had crafted this masterpiece using a special phosphorescent pigment that, after just 30 minutes of sunlight exposure, would glow brilliantly throughout the night. The result? A turquoise-tinted spectacle that paid homage to the bioluminescence occasionally witnessed off the Southern California coast.

Artist Christopher Cichocki draws lines with a flashlight on his luminescent sculpture, "Rising Inversion," the signature piece of the 11th annual Art & Nature program, at North Main Beach in Laguna Beach. 


The sculpture's location was no accident. Cichocki deliberately placed it in front of the hillside, away from the bustling downtown area, to create a serene and immersive experience. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the artist took center stage, casting light over the sand and phosphorescent surface with a flashlight, creating a "biomorphic light painting."

Watching this radiant image come to life was nothing short of magical. The sculpture's radiant glow, combined with the sounds of the ocean and ambient music, created a multisensory experience that captivated the audience.

Cichocki's work, which he describes as an intersection of the natural world and industry, has garnered attention and acclaim. His innovative installations, like "Rising Inversion," showcase his ability to merge art and the environment seamlessly.

During the sculpture's brief stay at Main Beach, it served as the backdrop for an audiovisual performance by Cichocki. Under his musical moniker, "Circular Dimensions," he incorporated ambient sounds, Gregorian chants, and the sounds of Laguna Beach itself into his performance, creating a sensory feast for the audience.

As the sun sets on "Rising Inversion" at the end of this year's Art & Nature program, we can't help but reflect on the profound impact of art on the natural world. Cichocki's work reminds us to think beyond the present and consider the broader picture, just as he does in his art – on a geologic timescale.

It's clear that Cristopher Cichocki's "Rising Inversion" has left an indelible mark on Laguna Beach, bridging the gap between art and nature and inviting us to explore the magic that happens when the two intersect. As a realtor, I can't help but appreciate the transformative power of such artistic experiences in our community.


In the realm of real estate, the mantra is undeniably "location, location, location." Yet, as we've witnessed with "Rising Inversion" in Laguna Beach, the world of art and nature often defies the expected, revealing that sometimes the most unexpected locations can become the canvas for breathtaking masterpieces. Cristopher Cichocki's luminescent creation has not only left an indelible mark on our coastal town but has also illuminated the profound connection between art and nature. It's a reminder that in our fast-paced world, we must pause and appreciate the beauty that emerges when creativity and the environment converge – a sentiment that resonates deeply with both my passion for real estate and my appreciation for the transformative power of art in our community.




Cristopher Cichocki’s ‘Rising Inversion’ grips viewers with phosphorescent glow by Andrew Turner, Nov. 4, 2023, 12:58 PM PT. (Source: Los Angeles Times)

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