5 Seller Controls to Navigate a Shifting Real Estate Landscape

Lisa Mailhot  |  June 21, 2024


5 Seller Controls to Navigate a Shifting Real Estate Landscape


The real estate market has undergone significant changes, transitioning from a seller’s paradise to a more balanced playing field. Despite these shifts, there are vital elements that remain under a seller's control. Understanding these can turn the tide in your favor, even in a challenging market.

1. Strategic Pricing of Your Property

Pricing remains a powerful tool at a seller’s disposal. Setting the right price from the start is crucial, as overpricing can lead to a stale listing. A critical evaluation of your home’s value, considering current market conditions, can prevent pricing pitfalls and attract serious buyers.

2. Savvy Negotiation Tactics

Negotiations are another area where sellers can exert significant influence. Flexibility in negotiations, whether it’s about price or terms like the closing timeline, can make a substantial difference. This control allows sellers to adjust terms to better suit their circumstances and market expectations.

3. Optimal Timing for Listing

The timing of when you choose to list your home can greatly impact the outcome. Listing during peak buyer seasons can enhance visibility and increase potential offers. Sellers can use timing strategically to maximize their property’s appeal and sale price.

4. Decisions on Repairs and Upgrades

Sellers have the autonomy to decide which repairs and upgrades to undertake. By addressing necessary repairs and making thoughtful upgrades, sellers can improve their home’s marketability and possibly its selling price, without being overwhelmed by demands from potential buyers.

5. Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Finally, the choice of a real estate agent is entirely in your hands. Selecting an agent with a strong track record and a deep understanding of the local market can lead to a smoother, more successful selling experience.


While the real estate market may present new challenges, focusing on what you can control can significantly enhance your selling journey. If you're looking to make a move in Orange County and want a partner who understands both the opportunities and the obstacles of the current market, let’s connect.



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