America's Hottest Housing Markets Signs of Cooling Off

Lisa Mailhot  |  April 4, 2024


America's Hottest Housing Markets Signs of Cooling Off


America's real estate landscape has been a roller coaster ride, with some markets defying the odds and maintaining their scorching pace despite unfavorable conditions. However, recent data suggests that even the hottest markets might be cooling off, offering a glimmer of hope for homebuyers who have been priced out.'s report identified the 20 hottest markets, mainly in the Northeast and Midwest. The top 4 spots went to Manchester-Nashua, NH, Rochester, NY, and Worcester, MA.

While hot markets typically see higher price growth due to demand, four cities experienced median price drops year-over-year: Oshkosh-Neenah, WI (-12.3%) to a median of $325,000, Bridgeport-Stamford, CT (-9.8%) to $869,000, Lancaster, PA (-0.5%), and Dayton-Kettering, OH (-0.7%) which falls to $218,000.


This deceleration is partly due to smaller, lower-priced homes hitting the market. However, the price per square foot increased in most hot markets, signaling space tradeoffs for affordability.

Once-popular Southern and Sun Belt metros lost momentum as prices and mortgage rates impacted demand, while the Midwest and Northeast gained traction, pointing to potential rebalancing.


If you're considering moving to Orange County, the shifting trends in America's hottest housing markets present challenges and opportunities. Let's connect and explore how these changes could impact your real estate goals in this dynamic region.



Reference: “America’s Hottest Markets Might Be Cooling Off—With Price Drops in 4 Cities” by Jillian Pretzel. Published on April 2, 2024.


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