Common Factors That Could Hinder the Sale of Your Home

Lisa Mailhot  |  July 11, 2023


Common Factors That Could Hinder the Sale of Your Home


You have definite objectives in mind when it comes to selling your home: maximizing your income, doing so in a reasonable amount of time, and avoiding any difficulties. Although there is now a limited amount of homes, which normally favors sellers, there are still several issues that could delay or even prohibit a successful sale. Consider the following factors if you're having trouble selling your house in today's sellers' market.

Restricted Access - If Buyers Can't View It, They Won't Buy It.

One of the most significant mistakes sellers make is limiting the days and times when potential buyers can see their property. To maximize your chances of selling, it's crucial to provide ample access to interested buyers. Keep in mind that motivated buyers might come from outside your local area and may not have the flexibility to adjust their schedules. Therefore, make your home available for viewing as frequently as possible to increase exposure.

Overpricing - Pricing It Right for a Swift Sale

Proper pricing is a crucial factor that significantly impacts the sale of your home. While it's tempting to set a higher price to maximize your profit, overpricing can discourage potential buyers and lead to a lengthier time on the market. According to Jeff Tucker, Senior Economist at Zillow:

“. . . sellers who price and market their home competitively shouldn’t have a problem finding a buyer.” 

In today's market, buyers have access to various tools and resources to compare prices. If your home is priced unreasonably high compared to similar properties, it may deter buyers. Listen to the feedback provided by your real estate agent during open houses and showings, and consider adjusting the price if consistent feedback suggests it.

Neglecting Home Presentation - The Power of a Good First Impression

When selling your home, the saying "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" holds true. Investing effort into the exterior appearance of your property is just as important as staging the interior. Enhancing your landscaping and curb appeal can leave a lasting impact on potential buyers. As an article from Investopedia says:

“Curb-appeal projects make the property look good as soon as prospective buyers arrive. While these projects may not add a considerable amount of monetary value, they will help your home sell faster—and you can do a lot of the work yourself to save money and time.”

However, don't limit these efforts to just the entryway. Enhance the interior by eliminating personal belongings and minimizing clutter, enabling potential buyers to envision themselves residing in the property with greater ease. A fresh coat of paint or clean floors can also revitalize the rooms.

Rely on your real estate agent for professional guidance tailored to your specific circumstances and the feedback received from buyers during the entire selling process. Trust their expertise to navigate through these factors effectively.

Bottom Line

If your home isn't receiving the desired attention or selling within your expected timeframe, it's advisable to consult with a reliable real estate agent. They can provide valuable advice on areas that may require reconsideration or adjustment in your selling approach. Let's connect to access expert insights and guidance for your home-selling journey.

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