Navigating the 2024 Real Estate Market: Insights and Strategies for the First Quarter

Lisa Mailhot  |  January 5, 2024


Navigating the 2024 Real Estate Market: Insights and Strategies for the First Quarter


As we venture into the first quarter of 2024, the real estate landscape presents a mix of challenges and opportunities. Let's delve into the key trends and strategies that are shaping the market.

Mortgage Rate Projections: A Glimmer of Hope

The beginning of 2024 brings cautious optimism to the housing market, with mortgage rates showing a trend of decline. The average rate for a 30-year mortgage, which stood at 6.88% in late 2023, is expected to continue its descent, primarily influenced by the Federal Reserve's hint at possible rate cuts. Experts like Greg McBride of Bankrate and Lawrence Yun of the National Association of Realtors anticipate a slight decrease in rates, hovering around 6.75% to 6.8% for the 30-year home loan.

Market Dynamics: Sales Activity and Home Prices

The shift in mortgage rates is stirring up the market. However, this doesn't necessarily mean a decrease in home prices. A modest increase of 2 to 4% in home prices is expected nationwide, driven by the ongoing housing shortage. The sales activity, which had slowed down in 2023, is predicted to pick up, with estimates suggesting up to 800,000 sales in the first quarter.


Housing Inventory: The Persistent Challenge

One of the most significant hurdles for the 2024 market remains the limited housing inventory. Despite lower mortgage rates potentially attracting more buyers, the supply of available homes may not meet this growing demand. Some experts, however, are optimistic about a gradual increase in inventory, possibly offering more options to buyers as the year progresses.

Strategies for Buyers and Sellers

For buyers, the current market dynamics suggest the need for a proactive and strategic approach. It's important to be prepared for competitive scenarios and consider various financing options. Sellers, meanwhile, should focus on accurate pricing from the start to attract serious buyers and avoid the need for price reductions.


The first quarter of 2024 presents a complex but navigable real estate market. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, staying informed about these trends is crucial for making sound decisions. If you're considering a move or a transaction in the real estate market, it's a great time to explore your options and strategize accordingly.


Reference: Erik J. Martin’s article on Bankrate, "2024 first-quarter housing trends: Rates begin to thaw"

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